Interior Design Style— Natural Minimalism


We seem to be in a moment of a not so trendy trend where what is primal and natural is new, or "natural minimalism". This style is nowhere better represented than in the work of London-based Faye Toogood. Her subdued use of colour, simple shapes, and raw materials create artful yet restrained compositions in space.

There is so much to learn from this creative visionary. Not only does her sense of style permeate interiors, but it can also be seen in the House of Toogood's fashion, furniture, and artwork. Faye Toogood is an art and design hero, and we will forever be inspired by the beauty she creates.


To integrate elements of this interior design style into your project or home, follow these rules:


RESTRAINT / Limit yourself to 3-4 soft natural colours

FORM / Select furniture and accessories that are over-sized and rounded 

MATERIALS / Choose natural materials and finishes and alternate between smooth and rough textures

Alyssa Lewis