Local Style— Vancouver


Design and aesthetics are often regional and informed by local culture. Even in a world where we are constantly connected and homogenization is a potential threat, something still seems to cut through it and design styles emerge differently.

As an interior design company, is it our job to have an informed design and style sense to express who we are as designers. Our location is a part of that story where everything we do is filtered through the lens of Vancouver, the city we operate out of. What this ultimately means is that when designing locally we are limited to what is available from both a physical and cultural standpoint and these limitations inadvertently define an aspect of our design story.

Similar to regions such as Scandinavia or countries such as Japan where there is a dominant stylistic preference, so is there also one in Vancouver. It is important to be aware of our city's design affinities to consciously make the choice whether or not to take part in this cultural dialogue. To define our own stylistic preferences, there are three noticeable themes that we feel are prevalent in the Vancouver design aesthetic and provide clues to our city's own recognizable style.

NATURAL MATERIALS / We lean heavily on the influence of nature, often by using lots of wood finishes in their natural state. Other forms of raw and natural materials are used as often as possible.

NEUTRAL TONES / Bold colours are rarely encouraged in large quantities and neutral tones are preferred. A heavy use of grey and white compliment natural wood tones.

CLEAN LINES / With a young history many things are new, and modern simple lines replace older ones.

As an interior design studio in Vancouver we are a part of the aesthetic conversation- at times these themes influence our work but at other times it's fun to break away!


Alyssa Lewis