Our Story— Studio Block

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A little over a year ago, Studio Block was founded by Creative Director/ Designer Alyssa Lewis. Studio Block is an expression of the design that she wants to see as an interior design company in Vancouver, where interiors and objects are approachable, have personality, and welcome simplicity. Modern yet warm, enduring and uncomplicated, and embracing of simple luxury with playful moments are the design principles of the studio.

We are inspired by art and design that pushes boundaries, that is in dialogue with cultural history, innovates without dehumanizing, and acknowledges craft. Although it isn't always necessarily apparent or possible to incorporate all of these qualities into every project, it remains present in how we approach our work. Finding ways to feel inspired and challenged by every aspect of a project always fosters a positive outcome.

Paola Antonelli (design curator) said it best, "really great designers are like sponges". We see ourselves as sponges- we are curious, we are eager, we want to absorb to process and decipher the best approach. All in all, we want our clients to be happy with our work and feel it is these traits that help us get there.


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Alyssa Lewis