Interior Design Process— Material Play


The humble material board is something often underproduced and overlooked, but not at Copenhagen-based Studio David Thalstrup. Material boards are carefully selected and highly produced to create works of art.

We believe this type of play is important for the growth of a studio, its material library, and material knowledge. A lot can be discovered through the process of assembling seemingly disparate textures and colours, as well as being knowledgeable about their benefits and strengths.

As an interior designer in Vancouver, BC we understand the importance the material board holds, where materiality is an essential part of the design process. The material board acts a starting place to explore and discover client affinities, and is often used as supporting material to our initial design concepts. Changes occur along the way, but it is a tactile way of describing the design direction for us as the designers and for clients.

The act of assembling a material board is also a very creative and explorative time, and it is something we love to do. It is a time to play, and through play, eventually reach a finalized conclusion of material choices. From start to finish, materials are something we get most excited about!

Alyssa Lewis