Interior Styling— It's Important


Interior styling is a profession often confused with interior decorating or staging. While these additional terms may have some overlap, it is an elevated expression of them. Interior styling conveys a mood or lifestyle. It creates a complete picture through expert creative direction that is often employed to capture a perfect photo or aesthetic experience.

From residential interiors to brand advertisements, Stockholm-based stylist Annaleena Leino Karlsson makes a point for the importance of interior styling. The pictures she paints are food for your eyes and allows your mind to wander. Her attention to detail is something that can transform a space, experience, and image from average to inspired.

As a Vancouver interior decorator or stylist with Studio Block these artistic tools are applied to residential and commercial interiors. Interior styling is the finishing touch that makes a space feel more livable and inviting for client enjoyment, or for imagery.

What makes Interior Styling such a relevant and captivating profession is the idea that it is "art for life". What is meant by this is that it employs many of the formal techniques of art-making such as attention to composition, form, medium, colour etc. within spaces to be lived-in. The familiarity of the objects and how they are arranged, makes it an artform easily understood and appealing to many. In this sense, Interior Styling creates a sense of digestible romanticism that people can experience in a tangible way.

Almost any interior feels vacant without the sense of place and purpose that interior styling encourages. When considering whether interior styling is needed for your project, think back to interiors that inspire you and whether they have used these same techniques, the answer is almost always yes!

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Alyssa Lewis